NSM CD Fire Jukebox

The NSM FIRE is a 100 CD jukebox which you can watch play your selections through the window on the front glass. It is a 100 CD jukebox and a very colourful machine with it’s multi coloured glass and coloured lighting down each side and along the top, making it a subtle but very pretty jukebox. It can be programmed for album play which lets you play the whole CD with just 4 digits instead of having to select every track individually. It can also be programmed for free play or you can use coins through the fitted coin mech. The title unit is a flip page type that is very quick to scroll through your 100 track listings. As with all NSM jukeboxes the sound output is quality with a fitted 125 watt per channel amplifier. This really is a quality jukebox that will look great on your wall without busting your bank balance.


NSM Galaxy Jukebox

The NSM GALAXY is a free standing jukebox which you can just wheel into your home, switch on and start to play your favourite discs. It plays up to 100 discs and has a visible mechanism so that you can watch it fetch and play your selections plus it keeps the kids quiet for ages. The sound is superb, it should be it has 8 speakers in it. It’s vivid colours really make it a jukebox that has no way of hiding in the shadows, it is made to stand out and it does it superbly. As with all NSM CD jukeboxes it can be used on free play and can also be programmed to play a whole album with just 4 digits. The title display unit is a flip page type that makes it very quick to scroll through your disc's. A superb all rounder, just make sure your front door is wide enough!


Rowe Ami Tempest Jukebox

The ROWE AMI TEMPEST is another very big, in many ways, wall mounted jukebox. The overall look is electric with striking electric blue neon surrounding 3 sides of the box. Flashes of lightning over the front glass finish off the electric theme. A 250 watt per channel amp with a 12 channel graphic equaliser help to achieve the kind of sound you like to listen to. A 100 CD player as standard with a glass bubble to see your disc,s rotate and a glass panel in front of the player to see your selection being played. Programming for this jukebox is massive and can be complex but a LCD display help you along in real English. You can program for free credits and also for album play, lets you select to play a complete album with just 2 digits. Like to have your name displayed on the LCD screen, you can do that as well with this jukebox. This jukebox just screams "Play Me" so beware the neighbours don't scream as well, invite them round!