The NSM OLD FASHIONED WIZARD is one of the jukeboxes that we have worked on to produce a jukebox that can be changed to suit your decor. We can alter the colour of the front glass to any that you desire. We have blue, red, burgundy, green and the original brown. If you would like a different colour then just let us know. Differing slightly from its older brother the outer lighting is more subtle as it sits inside the rustic wood effect pillars. It plays 100 CD's and the quality sound is there in abundance with it's 125 watt per channel amplifier. Like all of the NSM wall jukes you can program this for free play and album play. With the changes we can do to this jukebox you can make it as subtle or as loud as you like. Style, colour and quality sound, what more could you ask for!


NSM Emerald Ice Jukebox

The NSM EMERALD ICE does what it says on the tin, lots of emerald green decals and emerald green lighting. It also has a flashing light display on the diamonds up the right hand side of the jukebox. It plays up to 100 CD’s with the usual high standard of 125 watt per channel sound output. A visible CD mechanism for you to see it play your selection plus it can be programmed for free play or you can use coins through the fitted coin unit. It can be programmed for album selection which lets you select the whole album by using just 4 digits The title display is the sliding page type which is operated by the button on the front door. It has become one of the most favoured NSM jukeboxes and they are getting harder to find, always a good sign as it maintains it’s value very well.


Sound Leisure Super Stars Jukebox

This jukebox is manufactured by the UKs leading jukebox manufacturer, Sound Leisure. The "SUPER STARS" is a simple, no fancy gimmicks jukebox. It plays 60 CDs and you can see the jukebox do its stuff right in front of your eyes. Sound quality and quantity are there in abundance with lots of control over bass and treble. A master volume level gives you control over how loud the jukebox will play if little fingers wonder "What does this do" with your volume control. It can be used on free play or with coins through the fitted coin unit. If you have deaf neighbours then this is the jukebox for you. Sound Leisure say this is the simplist CD player on the market and we have to agree. It is styled to blend in with any decor with its easy on the eye wooden front door. Reliable, easy to use, lots of sound and cheap to boot.